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Losing your pet, your animal companion feels like your heart is torn out. Don't be afraid or ashamed of your grief. Your love for your animal friend is profound. Deep grief needs help and time to lose its sharp edges and let you live again. Our mission is to give you a place to cry, talk, feel safe and help you heal.

When Our Animal Companions Leave Us

Our animals are always happy to see us. They delight in our presence, and they trust us and count on us totally. The loss of an animal friend is often the loss of knowing how to love innocently and the fear that we will not love that simply or totally again.


Celebrate the life of your animal companion.
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I’m Kaleel, and I’ve been coaching and counseling all my life.

My work as an animal loss counselor and coach reassures those in pain that there is help and healing. I offer a place for my clients to share their grief and know they are not alone so that together we can begin the healing process.